Free Citrix XenDesktop 7 Boot Camp

Today Citrix finally released Citrix XenDesktop 7 together with Provisioning Services 7, Profile Manager 5, Citrix Receiver 4, StoreFront 2 and more.

I’ve been playing with Citrix XenDesktop 7 in the lab for quite some time + a lot of hands-on time with the latest build at Citrix Synergy.

More than 15.000 people have gone through my free Citrix XenApp Training which was based upon Citrix XenApp 6 for Windows 2008.

So needless to say, it’s time for some new awesome training. Say goodbye to Reverse Imaging and all the hassle with updating Provisioning Services Target Device Software and XenServer / VMware / Hyper-V tools.

This Citrix XenDesktop 7 Boot Camp isn’t a 15 minute video on YouTube showing you how to click next – next – finish. This free Boot Camp will show you how it’s done in the real world.

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Long Live App-V 5 – Application Streaming is Dead

I’m just back from Citrix Synergy 2013 in LA Anaheim. It was awesome to connect with friends, customers and blog readers. There was a lot of exciting announcements, but in this blog post I will focus on XenDesktop 7 and the integration with App-V 5.

During the keynote Citrix didn’t announce that its Application Streaming feature is dead and won’t be supported in Windows 2012. Read this article from TechTarget for more information Citrix kills its Application Streaming feature, directs users to App-V.

Inside the Citrix Studio console you’ll be able to configure your App-V 5 Management and Publishing server.

App-V 5

Another new feature is the possibility to publish multiple installed and App-V 5 applications on the fly. This is a feature we’ve been awaiting for years.

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App-V 5 and Provisioning Services

App-V 5

In my last blog 7 Reasons Why You Need to Learn App-V 5 I talked about how important it is for you to start playing around with App-V 5.

Since all Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop and RDS should be running App-V 5 with Shared Content Store it’s important to leverage Windows 2012 and SMB 3.0 as I wrote about in this post Make your network 10x faster.

With App-V 5 you can easily publish all packages from a folder. This is the PowerShell script I’m running at startup for my XenApp 6.5 VM’s streamed with Provisioning Services.

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Learn App-V 5 Today

App-V 5

We’ve been doing server virtualization for years and hopefully most businesses run the majority of their servers on a hypervisor from Citrix, VMware or Microsoft by now.

With the release of Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0 the same is going to happen to the application space. I remember back in the days when VMware took off, those consultants got some pretty amazing projects at their hands.

The same is happening now, so you better learn App-V 5 today.

At Citrix Synergy next month the learning lab “Implementing Excalibur on Microsoft Hyper-V” is running every day. Attendees will learn about next-generation delivery architecture of Excalibur with Microsoft’s newest operating system and System Center 2012 SP1. This is not a coincidence!

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Best Practices Preparing a Provisioning Services vDisk

In this blog post I will show you my Prepare for PVS script that contains Best Practices obtained after years of experience with Provisioning Services.

Let’s say you’re going to run Windows Updates. Well since you’ve already launched the Target Optimizer tool, that services is disabled and you need to head into services, enable and start it. Run Windows update and all good. When the update is finished you shutdown the machine and switch from Private to Standard Mode.

What you didn’t remember was to reboot the server for Windows Update to complete it’s updates. What happens now, is that every time your servers reboot, Windows Update will kick in and finish it’s things.

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ControlUp – Terminal Server and VDI Management

My favorite IT management console is just released in version 2.0 with a great bunch of new features and enhancements. This is a sponsored review, but I love this product and have been using it at all my customer since the first release.

In this blog post I’ll cover what’s new in this release. I’m also going to host a webinar with the CTO of ControlUp Tuesday, February 26, 2013 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM IST with live demo and Q&A. Make sure to reserve your spot HERE.

Central Configuration:

In earlier versions of ControlUp you needed to create the configuration on each and every management computer. Now the configuration can be stored in the cloud secured by your own encryption key. This way all the users of ControlUp can share the organizations computer tree, delegate administrative task and permissions (similar to AppCenter) and receive alerts on performance bottlenecks. The alerts is at the moment just sent to the event viewer, but I was told that an SMS / SMTP solution will be available in the next release.

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Why You Shouldn’t Redirect Favorites to Home Folder

During Citrix Synergy 2012 in San Francisco it was argued numerous times by Shawn Bass that redirecting Favorites to the home folder is a very bad idea. Shawn mentioned that Internet Explorer causes an extensive number of calls on your file server when browsing so I wanted to dig a little bit deeper into this topic.

Folder redirection to home folder is the rule of thumb to improve logon speed and create a better user experience across platforms. That being said, redirecting AppData should be avoided at all costs.

To redirect or not is a sensible topic and I think it would be a great Geek Speak Session with CTP Shawn Bass and Aaron Parker vs Citrix Consulting Services.

What happens under the hood :

To illustrate this I’ve been using Internet Explorer 9 and Process Monitor on my Windows 7 laptop. The filter beeing used is Path IS C:\Users\Administrator\Favorites.

When opening Internet Explorer you’ll see 13 calls in Process Monitor.

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