7 Reasons Why You Need to Learn App-V 5 Today


App-V 5

We’ve been doing server virtualization for years and hopefully most businesses run the majority of their servers on a hypervisor from Citrix, VMware or Microsoft by now.

With the release of Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0 the same is going to happen to the application space. I remember back in the days when VMware took off, those consultants got some pretty amazing projects at their hands.

The same is happening now, so you better learn App-V 5 today.

At Citrix Synergy next month the learning lab “Implementing Excalibur on Microsoft Hyper-V” is running every day. Attendees will learn about next-generation delivery architecture of Excalibur with Microsoft’s newest operating system and System Center 2012 SP1. This is not a coincidence!

There are many reasons why App-V 5 will be part of your XenApp or RDS environment, either you want it or not. Below is the main reasons :

  • Microsoft App-V 5 is FREE of use on Citrix XenApp / Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • App-V 5 Shared Content Store is perfect for non persistent desktops
  • Citrix XenApp 6.5 integration with Microsoft Configuration Manager 2012
  • Deploy App-V 5 apps with SCCM 2012, PowerShell, GPO or as stand alone
  • Run multiple versions of the same application on the same server. No more need for silos
  • Run the same App-V 5 package on various platforms
  • App-V 5 Sequencer Ease of use. Let the Application Managers be responsible for their software

There are many more reasons, but seeing is believing. I’ve created a new App-V 5 Training Course to get you up to speed. This is the fastest and easiest way to learn Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.

So if you want to become an App-V 5 expert, you better get started. Microsoft App-V 5 is becoming the de facto standard and WILL be the way we handle applications in the near future.


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Friday 30th of September 2022

5 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Need to Learn App-V 5 Today”

  1. Hi,

    what exactly means “FREE” (reason #1)? App-V is part of MDOP, which needs to be aquired. Or do you mean free in terms of not needing additional CALs?


  2. Johannes – Trond is right. Since you are getting RDS CALs anyways to use XenApp then you can use App-V when it’s used on an RDS/XenApp server. Microsoft added that right about 2-3 years ago.

    However, App-V when used to stream the virtual apps to an endpoint Windows OS machine requires the MDOP licensing.


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