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0800 Welcome

0810 Sponsor Slot Available

0830 Aaron Parker – TBA

0915 Break

0925 FSLogix

Do corrupt profiles, long logon times, multiple “gold” images, application server silos, or reduced application functionality ring a bell? If you’re a desktop virtualization admin, it’s likely you struggle with one or more of these problems every day. Typically we deal with these problems symptomatically, but that leads to an even more complicated desktop and application management strategy.

FSLogix has a solution to those problems! In this session, FSLogix’s Product Marketing Manager, Gabe Knuth (formerly of will explain how the platform works and what it can do for you.

0945 David Wilkinson – TBA

1030 Break

1040 eG Innovations

XenApp 6.5 is nearing EOL in June 2018! The move to the new XenApp & XenDesktop 7.x platform is not a simple in-place upgrade. It comprises of significant architecture, configuration and functionality changes. The success of the migration depends on delivering peak performing applications and desktops and exceptional user experience post-migration. Join this session by eG Innovations CEO, Srinivas Ramanathan, as he steps through five best practices to achieve stellar post-migration performance.

1100 Esther Barthel – NetScaler MAS Custom Stylebook Adventures

1145 Lunch

1215 What’s New in Automation Framework 3.8

1235 Giri Sonty – Citrix App Layering Experiences from the Field

1320 Break

1330 Liquidware

Upgrade your Citrix Environment to 7.16 and Windows 10/Server 2016 quickly with zero user downtime! Don’t you wish you could just update your base image OS and tell users to logon and all of their applications and user profiles would follow them? Unlike basic profile and app layering tools, Liquidware ProfileUnity with FlexApp is helping Citrix customers end the migration cycle for end users and lighten the load for Admins. See a demo of layered applications, user profiles, including the Office 365 cache, follow the user across OS versions with zero user downtime!

1350 Sean Massy and Ryan Butler – Windows 10 in VDI and DevOps

1435 Break

1445 ControlUp

ControlUp is known for VDI performance monitoring, quick and effective contextual problem remediation, user experience optimization and interactive reporting with global benchmarking.  With Controlup 7.1 we’ve doubled down on this promise and added tons of metrics, use cases and improvements for every VDI admin. Yoni Avital, ControlUp CTO and co-founder will show you an exclusive live demo of new ControlUp v7.1 and ControlUp Insights exciting features and capabilities

1505 Christiaan Brinkhoff – TBA

1550 Break

1600 Martin Zugec – TBA

1645 Break

1655 Jarian Gibson – MCS Automation in the Real World

1740 The End

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