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0800 Welcome

0810 xenapptraining

0825 Richard Parnell – TBA

0910 Break

0930 Setup Commander – Setup Store to your door

0945 James Rankin – Profiling The Profile

It’s all about applications and data. At least that’s what everyone always seems to be telling us. But in the background, keeping your applications and data together, providing the “workspace” and “personality” that complete the user experience, is the Windows user profile.

In this session, you will learn about the history of the Windows user profile, and how it has changed and evolved across the years. And now, in 2017, what considerations do we need to make to manage the Windows profile on desktops or RDSH? How do we ensure that the user’s experience remains consistent, responsive and intuitive? What tools can we use to manage it – or, indeed, do we still need to manage the profile at all?

1030 Break

1045 ControlUp – TBA


1100 Daniel Feller – Go Big or Go Home: The Latest Performance Analysis

All of us want to make things better and faster. We want to know what impact enabling a setting will have on the system. Will it improve density? Will it improve responsiveness? Will it improve logon speed?

Performance testing should not be limited to server density based on a particular Windows operating system level. We should look across the entire solution for areas that can improve the overall user experience.

That’s why this session will look at performance analysis for operating systems, user logons, user experience, cloud, profiles/policies, and much more.

1145 Lunch

1215 eG Innovations – TBA

1230 Jason Samuel – TBA

1315 Break

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1345 Rene Bigler – Building a HCI Lab with Nutanix Community Edition

It’s always handy to have access to some sort of lab gear at work/home for testing and learning. Nutanix Community Edition allows you to bring the latest HCI technology to your lab setup. In this session I will outline some basic considerations when planning to go with Nutanix CE. What do you need to start your lab project, what are the possibilities and limits of the platform and how is the look and feel of a four node cluster setup deployed on Intel NUCs? Be warned – after seeing it in action, you will want to build your own!

1430 Break

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1500 Jarian Gibson – TBA


1545 Break

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1615 Esther Barthel – NetScaler Automation with PowerShell & NITRO

1700 Break

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1730 Julien Stanojevic – TBA

Julien Stanojevic

1815 Closing

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