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0600 BRT // 0500 EDT Welcome

0610 BRT // 0510 EDT Master Packager – Electrifying MSIX

MSIX has the potential to be great, but not if organizations must repackage apps to it or if Microsoft prioritizes unnecessary features like MSIX Accelerator. Let me explain. Join this session to see the Master Packager vision to electrify MSIX adoption.


0630 BRT // 0530 EDT Ruben Spruijt & Benny Trisch – Analyzing DaaS Performance, User Experience and Price in Azure, AWS and GCP

Looking to enhance your virtual desktop experience? Look no further! Windows Desktops as a Service (DaaS) hosted on the public cloud infrastructure provided by the three major hyperscalers has become increasingly popular, offering a range of benefits including scalability and flexibility. Selecting the right VM types in Azure, AWS, and GCP, either with or without a GPU, can be challenging –your choice does have a huge impact on performance and perceived user experience! Join Benny Tritsch and Ruben Spruijt, two EUC geeks, as they explore the various options for utilizing DaaS and examine the application performance and best price/performance ratio across Azure, AWS and GCP. Discover unique and unpublished results using a modern DaaS solution and native browser apps running virtual desktops and applications in LAN and WAN environments. Gain valuable insights at VirtualExpo on how to choose the right solution for your DaaS requirements. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your virtual desktop experience!

0715 BRT // 0615 EDT 5 Minute Break

0720 BRT // 0620 EDT Automai – Automai in the EUC Workflow

Come and learn how Automai can be used in EUC scenarios throughout the different stages of an EUC project. You’ll learn which products in the Automai suite fit the different stages of an EUC project and how they can help to ensure successful EUC delivery.


0740 BRT // 0640 EDT Bjørn Riiber – How to Secure a Successful Implementation and Deployment of AVD with IaC and GitHub

During this session we will give you the tools and tricks you need to make your AVD implantation a success. We are going to look at how infrastructure automation enhances business outcomes and why it is important to use IaC. This is some of the important take-away from the session:

• Why always build everything on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and AVD Accelerator
• How to pick the right technology for the right use cases, only a good assessment can tell.
• How to optimise your image building process and what options you have.
• Applications has always been a bottleneck, what options do you have.

0825 BRT // 0725 EDT 5 Minute Break

0830 BRT // 0730 EDT deviceTRUST – Zero Trust Requires Device Trust!

In the context of multi-factor authentication, information about the user’s device more and more plays an important role. Device posture has become a topic for all large vendors and customers alike. Let’s take a look at our approach and why we believe we can enrich a Zero Trust strategy – whilst keeping the user experience high! We’ll show deviceTRUST’s basic function principles. Based on those, you’ll see how you can use your devices in an easy way to add security to your digital workspace access – whilst not requiring any user interaction. Of course, we’ll also chuck in the latest and greatest from development.

0850 BRT // 0750 EDT Sune Thomsen – Windows 365 Features Deep-Dive Reloaded

In this session, we’ll explore some of the latest features of Windows 365 (Frontline, Boot & Switch), the concept of moving Cloud PCs to another region, and I’ll share some Tips & Tricks from the field. What will the attendees learn from this session? 1. Windows 365 Frontline, Boot & Switch: Attendees should understand the concept of Windows 365 Frontline, Boot & Switch, its benefits, and have a basic understanding of how to set up a Windows 365 Frontline provisioning policy, perform a boot to cloud and switch between the local desktop and their Cloud PC. 2. Move Cloud PCs to another region: Attendees should understand the concept of moving Cloud PCs to another region and how to change the region in an existing provisioning policy and perform the actual move afterward.

0935 BRT // 0835 EDT 5 Minute Break

0940 BRT // 0840 EDT eG Innovations – End-to-End Observability for Hybrid & Multi Cloud Environments

Increasingly we are dealing with a hybrid and multi-cloud world. This brings new opportunities, but also challenges when disruptions or delays occur that impact users, customers, or even entire organizations. Therefore, I will talk about how the eG Enterprise end-to-end observability platform will help you deliver and maintain good performing applications & desktops in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

1000 BRT // 0900 EDT Jarian Gibson & James Kindon – Nutanix & Citrix Automation, an Art-of-the-Possible Demo Session

In this session, we will take a look at how you can automate some Citrix on Nutanix focused workflows using a combination of Nutanix and Citrix API’s or PowerShell components, and work through what fits where in both a CVAD and DaaS deployment.

1045 BRT // 0945 EDT 5 Minute Break

1050 BRT // 0950 EDT Goliath Technologies – Use New AI Module to Resolve “Citrix is Slow” Complaints!

In this session we will show you how to leverage a NEW AI Module built on Chat GPT4 to drastically reduce time to resolution for any Citrix End User Experience issues including Citrix is Slow Complaints.

You’ll see how to:

1) Determining where to look and where not to look in your IT Infrastructure
2) Isolate the root cause quickly
3) Documenting root cause so it can be shared with management, constituents and vendors

Learn how to anticipate issues before end users are impacted and leverage AI to resolve them quickly so you can say goodbye to end user alerts.

1110 BRT // 1010 EDT Trentent Tye – Slow logons are a bane for any administrator. How do you troubleshoot them? Where do you begin?

Authentication, User Profiles, Group Policy, 3rd party technologies, and more can contribute to slow logons. It can be intimidating to try and find where to start your troubleshooting journey on improving your logon times. What tools can help? How can you interpret the data? What architecture decisions can be made to improve your logon times? For 5 years I’ve been helping dozens of customers with improving their logon performance, come learn the answers I have to these questions and get started improving your logon times!

1155 BRT // 1055 EDT 15 Minute Break

1210 BRT // 1110 EDT LoginVSI – Unveiling 3 Incredible Secrets for Superior VDI Performance

In today’s rapidly evolving virtual desktop ecosystem, optimal performance is critical for a seamless user experience and increased productivity. However, managing these complex infrastructures is challenging. Join us for an eye-opening presentation on Login Enterprise, where we reveal three game-changing features that you probably didn’t know about. Discover how to unleash the full potential of your virtual desktop ecosystem with Login Enterprise’s innovative ability to optimize performance, improve user experience, and future-proof your infrastructure.

1230 BRT // 1130 EDT Guy Leech – Writing Robust PowerShell Code

A whirlwind tour through some PowerShell best practices to help make your code less prone to failing from a Guy who first wrote code in 1980. Consultant |Developer | PowerShell Addict | Grandfather | Comedian | Microsoft MVP | Citrix CTP | VMware vExpert | Parallels VIPP | Inventor of AppSense Application Manager.

1315 BRT // 1215 EDT 5 Minute Break

1320 BRT // 1220 EDT uberAgent – How to Rate your Environment with the New uberAgent ESA Security Score

Learn about uberAgent ESA’s newest feature: Security & Compliance Inventory. SCI periodically checks the security configuration of your endpoints. The resulting score shows you where you stand and where additional hardening is required. In this presentation, Helge Klein explains how Security & Compliance Inventory works under the hood, how to interpret the results, and how to extend it with your own custom tests.

1340 BRT // 1240 EDT Rody Kossen & Eltjo van Gulik – What’s New and Exciting at the HDX Front

Join the Dutch Dynamic Duo – Rody Kossen, Principal Quality Engineer, and Eltjo van Gulik, Principal Product Manager at Citrix, as they dive deep into the cutting-edge developments on the HDX front. With the tagline: “It’s All About the User Experience”, Rody and Eltjo will provide an engaging journey through the HDX landscape, ensuring you leave with actionable knowledge to enhance your Citrix deployments. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth and get a glimpse into the future of HDX at Citrix!

1425 BRT // 1325 EDT 5 Minute Break

1430 BRT // 1330 EDT ControlUp – Find and Solve the Root Cause of Your EUC Issues With Real-Time Monitoring

ControlUp’s Real-Time DX has expanded its real-time monitoring to encompass critical technologies like FSLogix, Azure, AVD, Citrix, Citrix Cloud, VMware Horizon, Windows monitoring and more! Come see how ControlUp can help you monitor and remediate issues in your environment and then a sneak peek into some upcoming features coming down the pipe!

1450 BRT // 1350 EDT Arnaud Pain – How to Manage Multiple IdP with Citrix DaaS?

in this session I will share with you how to provision and configure Adaptive Authentication to help with the need of multiple IdP to connect to Citrix DaaS. Citrix CTP – VMware vExpert – EUC Solution Architect – Blogger – Author – Tampa CUGC leader.


1535 BRT // 1435 EDT 5 Minute Break

1540 BRT // 1440 EDT Parallels – Welcome to your Parallels Life!

In this sneak-peak session, exclusively for Virtual Expo attendees, Chris will discuss just a couple of the many new features within Parallels RAS 19.3. You’ll see the power of Template Image Management and how it delivers enterprise lifecycle management capabilities; you’ll also experience how we have taken FSLogix integration to a whole new level with configuration for FSLogix within the Parallels RAS console – no more messing with ADM templates (woo-hoo!)! These two illustrations are mere glimpses of what awaits you in the realm of Parallels. It’s not just about having your cake and eating it too; it’s about savouring every crumb of innovation, every enhancement, and every moment of your new Parallels life!

1600 BRT // 1500 EDT Patrick Coble – 3,966 Attacks in 2023, What Did we Learn?

This session will cover key data findings of these documented 3,966 attacks and what we can learn from them to make our deployments more secure. We will also talk about how impactful these attacks have been becoming over the past decade too.


1645 BRT // 1545 EDT The End