LONDON 10:00 BST // NEW YORK 05:00 EDT

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0600 BRT // 0500 EDT – Welcome

0610 BRT // 0510 EDT LoginVSI – Expect the Unexpected – Testing 2 vs 4 vCPU’s

It’s common knowledge that adding more vCPU’s to a machine equals better performance, with a small penalty for scalability…. But is this actually true or is it an urban myth that no-one ever challenged because it seems so logical? Join the Login VSI team of performance experts as they unravel this story and share the findings of their research. This session might just help you slash the costs of your VDI environment, or give your users the performance and experience they deserve.

0630 BRT // 0530 EDT  Guy Leech – TBA

0715 BRT // 0615 EDT 5 Minute Break

0720 BRT // 0620 EDT uberAgent – uberAgent – What’s new!?

uberAgent 6.3 is around the corner – what’s in it for you? In this session, the uberAgent team shows you features like Citrix Protocol Insights, Intelligent Disk Buffering, and the current state of the security product uberAgent ESA.


0740 BRT // 0640 EDT Patrick van den Born and Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk – GO-EUC: From zero to an automation hero by using Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

How to become an automation hero? The journey into the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) might be experienced as a wild jungle with no way out. Until now! This session will clear your path by showing how GO-EUC is organized in the DevOps way of working and taking you into the Infrastructure as Code options and examples from the field. This session will involve various DevOps practices and technologies such as Azure DevOps, Terraform, Packer, Ansible & PowerShell, which you can apply on both Cloud and on-premises. Ultimately it will get you started on your own journey with a clear path in the right direction, resulting in a boost in your professional career in the DevOps role.

0825 BRT // 0725 EDT 5 Minute Break

0830 BRT // 0730 EDT deviceTRUST – Context everywhere – Use deviceTRUST to secure all your digital workplaces. Local, Remote and in the Cloud!

With our latest release, we took our Context based security approach one step further: You can now use deviceTRUST to secure all your digital workplaces, be them on your fat clients, in remoting environments or SaaS / DaaS. We will show our core function principle. Based on that we’ll give ideas on how to secure your application and resource access and this way improve your zero-trust concept.

0850 BRT // 0750 EDT Julian Jakob and Ben Splittgerber – Citrix ADC

0935 BRT // 0835 EDT 5 Minute Break

0940 BRT // 0840 EDT eG Innovations – How to Optimize your EUC Help Desk Functions

Fed up of L1 / L2 support escalations to the Citrix or VMware admin when it’s really a network or database issue but the end-user who called said “Citrix was slow”. Learn how to go beyond supplying help desk with checklists or decision trees and learn how to track and expose to management help desk weaknesses by supplying help desk with AIOps powered root-cause monitoring and analysis tools and automated knowledge base functionality.

1000 BRT // 0900 EDT TBA

1045 BRT // 0945 EDT 5 Minute Break

1050 BRT // 0950 EDT Goliath Technologies – Utilizing industry only embedded intelligence and automation to proactively monitor, troubleshoot and objectively score Citrix end user experience against Citrix best practices.

Citrix Experts are few and spend too much time on tedious root cause isolation and troubleshooting tasks. Meanwhile, most tools require Citrix expertise, therefore challenging the IT generalist. Finally, user experience ratings for IT are often highly subjective, surveys for example. Join us to see how embedded intelligence and automation can enable more IT pros to resolve performance issues, not just the experts – and how you can ditch surveys and objectively score IT performance.

1110 BRT // 1010 EDT TBA

1155 BRT // 1055 EDT 35 Lunch Break

1230 BRT // 1130 EDT TBA

1315 BRT // 1215 EDT 5 Minute Break

1320 BRT // 1220 EDT Automai – Flexible EUC workloads with Automai

Get going quickly with your automations.  Find out how to configure prebuilt User Stories (workloads) to meet your exact needs. More tips and some nuts and bolts on building automations that are commonly used in  Citrix, AVD, and all EUC environments.  Not to be missed.


1340 BRT // 1240 EDT TBA

1425 BRT // 1325 EDT 5 Minute Break

1430 BRT // 1330 EDT ControlUp – What’s Coming Next to ControlUp

Whether people are working from home, working at the office, or working from their favorite coffee house, the past two years have shown us that people really can work from anywhere. Remote work WORKS, but with ControlUp, it works better. We invite you to a sneak peek at our roadmap for 2022, which includes features—user sentiment metrics, unified communications monitoring, DEX scoring, and SaaS and web app monitoring—that will make it simpler than ever for you to deliver a great digital employee experience.

1450 BRT // 1350 EDT TBA

1535 BRT // 1435 EDT 5 Minute Break

1540 BRT // 1440 EDT Christiaan Brinkhoff – Windows 365 Cloud PC with Citrix


1625 BRT // 1525 EDT 5 Minute Break

1630 BRT // 1530 EDT Phil Bossman – PowerShell

1715 BRT // 1615 EDT 5 Minute Break

1720 BRT // 1620 EDT Patrick Coble – TBA