Windows 365 – Deliver HUGE Applications via PowerShell and Private CDN in Intune


The maximum allowed file size (for a single file) in Intune is 8 GB. If you need to deliver bigger applications, simply reach out to Microsoft Intune support and request a higher limit. However in my ongoing project, the biggest application I was ever able to upload was a 15 GB SolidWorks package, even with an extended 30 GB limit. In this blog post I’m going to share a working workaround.

I’m using Amazon S3 as my CDN, but by default that has a single upload limitation of 5 GB. Luckily the Pro version of CloudBerry Explorer supports multipart upload. In this example I’m using MathWorks MATLAB with a separate license and silent installation file. It’s much faster updating those compared to making a new ZIP and uploading for each revision.

NOTE! This method does not support DO, read more in this great blog post Delivery Optimization Recommendations for Microsoft Intune.

Below is the PowerShell script.

To build the Intune application automatically you can follow the steps in the blog post Windows 365 – Building Win32 Apps for Intune Automatically. Below is the XML file.


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Friday 30th of September 2022

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  1. Hello Eric,

    Why are you using Windows 365 (Win365) and not Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)?

    – Simple solution
    – You pay a fix monthly subscription
    – No GPU support

    – More flexible
    – Only pay for what you consume (Using Auto-scale)
    – GPU support
    – FSLogix for Profiles
    – MSIX App Attach

    It just seems Win365 to be more costly than AVD.



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