Building Hybrid Cloud on Nutanix CE – Part VII


In this part of the Hybrid Cloud blog post series we’re going to build our first Master Image semi automatically using the Automation Framework for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

The Automation Framework has been configured according to the training videos inside the paid membership area. If you’re not a member you can use the free Automation Framework Community Edition instead, mostly manually though.

This will automatically kick off the Master Image build and notify through email and webhooks when completed. The process is more or less the same independent of the Hypervisor and EUC vendor.

After the Master Image has been deployed and optimized with the Base Image Script Framework (BIS-F) it’s time to manually create a Machine Catalog and Delivery Group in Citrix Cloud. We’re going to use the new Web Studio Console.

After a couple of minutes the Machine Catalog is ready and it’s time to create the Delivery Group.

I highly recommend against using the Library option. Just don’t do it!

That was the manual part. What if we could do the same 100% automated? Even running on a Schedule? We’ll that’s what you get as a paid member.

The script uses encrypted password files to authenticate to the Hypervisor and Citrix Cloud. When the deployment is finished, notifications are sent via Webhooks to Teams and Slack + email defined in the Global xml file.

A Machine Catalog and Delivery Group are also automatically created in the Citrix Cloud with access permissions defined in the Global xml file.


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