Optimize User Experience with Citrix Direct Workload Connection


Citrix Direct Workload Connection uses the new Network Location Service (better know as Hairpinning). The problem prior to this service, was that when I connected to Citrix Cloud from my local network in Brasil, it still connected through the Citrix Cloud Gateway in the US.

The configuration is rather simple as explain here, but I wanted a 100% automated solution. As a bonus I’ll will give you my Protect-Password function which you can use to encrypt all your passwords and later decrypt them in PowerShell.

Note: Change Line 2 to <#

Without the Network Location Service the User Experience is pretty bad, even though the Datacenter is sitting next to me!

Poor UE without Network Location Service

The script will automatically download the required NLS PowerShell module, find your external IP address together with Longitude & Latitude required to configure the Network Location Site.

In the example above I’m using a single IP address with /32 instead of an IP address range. At my customers we simple import the configuration from a CSV file instead. Needless to say, the results are incredible via UDP.

Improved UE with Network Location Service

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