Building Hybrid Cloud on Nutanix CE – Part IV


In this forth part of the Hybrid Cloud blog post series we’re going to configure DNS corretly, setup a Group Policy for Authoritive Time Server automation and Citrix Cloud Connector with the Nutanix Plugin.

DNS is critical in any environment so we’re going to cover the basics here. If you want to learn more I HIGHLY recommend Carl Websters Presentations on the topic.

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The number one recommendation is to be consistent in how domain controllers have the DNS servers configured. There is not just one way to do DNS configurations for domain controllers. Rule #1 is to pick a standard and be consistent in the application of that standard.

I’m going to set my primary DNS entry to the Domain (PDCe role holder). To find it run the following command.

Next up is setting DNS Scavenging server for all AD-Integrated Zones, except Trust Anchors. We’re going to use Carl Websters script for this.

You know the saying It’s DNS. It’s always DNS? It normally is, but when it’s not it’s NTP. So again we’re going to use Carl Websters script and post Creating a Group Policy using Microsoft PowerShell to Configure the Authoritative Time Server to fix this.

I would also recommend this post Configuring the time zone and code page with Group Policy.

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Next up is setting up Citrix Cloud Connectors. The recommended leading practice are now 3 Cloud Connectors per site.

I’m running the Citrix Cloud Connectors on Windows 2019 Server with 2 vCPU and 3 GB of memory. This is NOT a recommended hardware configuration in Production, but I’m keeping an eye on ControlUp Insigts and real time stats.

To automatically install the Citrix Cloud Connector you can use the code below. Please note that you need to create your API key at Identity and Access Management – API Access.

Warning! Citrix has stripped down the size of the Cloud Connector and are synchronizing the rest from the Cloud. If you run the Nutanix Plugin setup straight after it will fail. The current workaround is to wait for these Files and Folders to show up before installing the Nutanix Plugin.

If you want to automate make sure to also download my custom MST file. My setup took 20 minutes for the Citrix Cloud Connector to sync up.

Without the Nutanix Plugin installed on ALL your Citrix Cloud Connectors you won’t see Nutanix AHV in the Connection type list.

And that’s it.


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