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Firstly, I would like to thank Eric for hosting my guest blog. His commitment to the community is remarkable.

Updated FSLogix is now part of Microsoft

My name is David Pisa. I’m an Italian living in Ireland or an Irish with a wrong Italian accent. I spend my time working as EUC Architect with an interest in coding but I’ve got no ambition of becoming a developer. I’m mostly coding to keep my mind busy and to learn something new. This particular story started a few weeks ago while trying to fall asleep in a Dublin hotel. Too much coffee, too much green tea, and a few unresolved support calls.

FSlogix is an amazing software. It can make the difference between a successful user experience and an almost acceptable one. No matter the infrastructure (Citrix, VMware, RDS/RDmi, etc.), it delivers a perfect Office 365 user experience. Additionally, there are some other goodies like Java redirection and Application masking that alone are worth the price.

The only thing that in my opinion can be improved is the “Status Console”. There is a nice traffic light (indicating FSlogix’s component status), size of the Profile Container and some other related information. However, what about Office 365 container? Bad luck, no joy.

To see all the needed information, you must expand and dig in the logs. Not a big deal for an experienced administrator that knows where things are hidden, but what about first/second line support? I have some reservations about that.

So, after a few support tickets, escalation calls and users complaining I needed to find a way to ease the session issues triage, something easy to read, something that displays all the information needed by a first level engineer. This is ultimately why I started coding (just laughing here).

The result is a quite good simple console. So, Ladies and gentlemen I am glad to be able to present to you my beautiful “Session Information” application. It contains 4 tabs: Session, Environment, Printers, and FSLogix.

The Session tab displays some generic information and basically answer questions like: who, from where, destination, session type and, why not, the proxy configuration. How many of us configure a GPO to hide it from the Internet Explorer’s Options?

To get information about the Citrix Session Type (remote or local) you need to trust the XML requests at Site level (TrustRequestsSentToTheXmlServicePort property need to be True)

In the Environment tab, I’ve included information such as applied GPO’s and user’s Active Directory Groups membership.

Another thing that may go wrong is the printer mapping, hence, the Printer tab.

Last, but not least. The brand new FSLogix tab.

Support: We have an issue logged by a user. It’s FSLogix!

Me: What’s happening?

Support: Unknown status: 4294967295. Any idea?

We can do better and so here we go…

Service and license status (hover the mouse on the ticks to get additional info), concurrent session setting and Windows Search status are all available in one place.

Additionally, I’ve added a lot of information about User Profile and Office 365 disk. Everything is documented in the FSLogix product Documentation, but you know, you must dig in the registry and read the manual. If FSLogix is not installed, the tab is hidden

So, that’s it. It is essentially a good collection of registry values, system variables and a bit of C# to glue all together. Best of all it is freely available to everyone. The community often gives me insights and help in my job. So, it’s time for me to give something back. You can download the Session Info installation files and the “portable” version below:

MSI Version

Portable Version

The zip file contains both. To test just copy the exe and the dll in the same folder. Otherwise, you can run the setup. It requires Microsoft .Net 4.6.2 and runs on Windows 7 / 2008R2 and later. As stated before, I’m not a developer so the application is supported in best effort. If you find a bug, I’m sure there may be a few, or you have suggestions to improve it, please feel free to reach me on twitter @dpisa007


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Friday 30th of September 2022

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  1. Funnily enough, I’m getting that exact error – Unknown status: 4294967295, any idea what causes it?

    • Same here. Everything looks to be working but i have the same error Unknown status: 4294967295 and it says inactive. Have you found any answers?


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