Adding Printer Drivers from Print Server using PowerShell


This is a follow up post to last week Replicating Print Drivers in Citrix XenApp 6.5. There’s indeed many smart people out there so today I wanted to share a similar script created by a friend of mine Microsoft PowerShell MVP Jan Egil Ring. This blog post is just a summary of his awesome work so please visit the original blog post and give Jan Egil some creds in the comments on his blog.

As I described in the last post the easiest way to install printer drivers is to manually or automatically connect to your print server(s) to install the drivers. This is normally not a problem in small environments with only 1 print server and <50 printer objects, but can definitely create some headaches in enterprise environments.

Example: A print server has 500 shared printer objects, while there is only 10 unique printer drivers. It would make more sense to add a printer connection (in order to install the driver) to 10 printer objects rather than 500, given the time consumed by installing a printer connection. Jan Egil

For all great automatic solutions there’s always some pros and cons. The biggest con in my opinion is that you could possibly risk to install malfunction printer drivers that could halt your print services for good or at least for some time during production hours.

One workaround could be to run this script only on your Citrix Data Collector / Print Driver Golden Image server and then using the $ExcludedDriverList parameter to add the printers to the Auto-Replication-List. Take a look at the comment from Frank Peter Schultze on the Replicating Print Drivers in Citrix XenApp 6.5 blog post for more details.

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Friday 30th of September 2022

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