XenDesktop problem with Windows 7 N / KN version


I recently downloaded Windows 7 Enterprise N from MSDN because it was on the top of the list and N means Norwegian, right! No, the Windows 7 N version is another EU thing, which means Windows 7 without Media Center / Player. If you are going to install XenDesktop on a Windows 7 N version I highly recommend installing Media Feature Pack before the XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA).

I installed XenDesktop VDA on the machine and after reboot the files ctxidhlp.exe and picatzrestore.exe complain about missing MF.dll every 5 second. Error message “C:WindowsSystem32MF.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error”. After installing Media Feature Pack all the popup messages went away. Thank you very much EU!


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  1. we had this issue, it started to give error messages when starting App-V package Internet Epxlorer.

    instead of rebuilding the entire image, we set the vdisk back to private mode, and copyed the files missing from my own windows 7 workstation.

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