Download and Install Latest VMware Tools


It’s been a busy weekend and with this post I’ll share the code to always download the lastest version of VMware Tools. As stated in the previous blog posts, these scripts will only be published when they’re truely evergreen, check my Github repo for more examples.


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Friday 30th of September 2022

2 thoughts on “Download and Install Latest VMware Tools”

  1. Found a script error.
    LIne 44 – you specify the URL for version 10.2.1 this forces the installation to always be that version (and not evergreen)

    I edited the script to add:
    $Downloadfile = $version -replace “(.*)\.(.*)”, ‘$1-$2’

    then change $URL to:
    $URL = “$downloadfile-x86_64.exe”

    Thoughts on the tweak?


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