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Yesterday’s post Download and Install Latest Mozilla Firefox about evergreen URLs spiked quite some engagement in the community on Twitter sharing their Git resources.

Aaron Parker shared his Function on how to read Google’s JSON file to find the latest version. This was the missing piece of the puzzle to make my Google Chrome Enterprise installation script evergreen.

You see even with Google’s URL to their latest version it wasn’t possible for me to grab the version number. Which means I needed to do stuff manually or simple download and delete each and every time.

This might makes sense in some case, but in terms of VMware Tools (working on it) it’s very unefficient, unstable and waste of time to download each and every time. Not to mention what happens when the script runs about the same time on 2-3 VMs.

In my Infrastructure as Code deployment I deploy 14 VM’s in 30 minutes. If I would download each and every time that would be stupid. IMHO my scripts will only be published when they’re true evergreen. Another benefit is that you get a media libary where you can easily rollback if lastest release is unstable. Enjoy.




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Friday 30th of September 2022

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