Create Nutanix VM from CSV to run Infrastructure as Code


During my automated tests of my new Automation Framework 3.8 I’ve been leveraging a Settings.xml and a VMList.csv file containing ALL information needed to run Infrastructure as Code to create Nutanix VM from CSV.

create nutanix vm from csv

This post is a small sample of what’s included in my paid subscription, but you can use the information below to get started.

Make sure to check out the post Building an Automated Image Factory to get PowerShell examples for other Hypervisors.


The Settings.xml file holds all information required like Citrix Delivery Controllers, License Server, SQL Server, Credentials, Hypervisor etc. etc. Below you see the information required by Nutanix. You’ll find the Network UUID under Network Configuration.

create nutanix vm from csv

create nutanix vm from csv


The power of a CSV file is the option to easily change Server Names, IP info, OU location and more. The complete script which is part of my paid subscription also automatically create a random MAC address and injects the information to CustomSettings.ini for a complete Zero-Touch deployment.

Create Nutanix VM from CSV

Running the script below will read the information from the Settings.xml file and create all the VMs listed in the VMList.csv file. The logics in my PowerShell scripts will use the information from Settings.xml to check if e.g. a database already exists and take action based up that.

So instead of seperate configuration scripts, the logics automatically decides if a new farm should be created or the VM should join an existing site. THIS IS #WINOPS

Delete Nutanix VM from CSV

I’m running lots of tests each and every day so having a script that automatically deletes all the VMs is really helpful not to mention the lack to select and delete multiple VMs in PRISM.

Automation is a MUST have skill going forward and if you’re currently NOT using PowerShell, Windows Admin Center or Server Core App Compatibility it’s REALLY time to get started to not fall behind. Remember, Be the Automator not the Automated.

WHY? By running the Infrastructure as Code it’s very easy to move between Hypervisors, but also Operating Systems. In less than 30 minutes I can build a complete HA environment on Windows 2016 or the upcoming Windows 2019.

Inplace upgrades are something of the past, rebuild based on Infrastruce as Code is the new Standard. Anyone tried StoreFront upgrades? BTW moving from Server GUI to Server Core is not possible, just another reason to dig into #WINOPS.


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Friday 30th of September 2022

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  1. “In-place upgrades are something of the past”
    This will never die because we need a way to transfer old config/data/roles.

    Look at VMWare VCSA upgrade, it create a new VM then transfer the current running VCSA data/config to the new VM, then shutdown the old VM and starts the ne one. That’s what you call a clean upgrade.

    Can we do that for windows servers or Linux servers, with the many different roles and config that need to be move over?



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