Automated Setup of a Secure Project Honolulu

I recently learned about the CAO replacing the more commonly know CIO title. I hereby declare myself as a Chief Automation Officer.

Project Honolulu

The future of Windows Server GUI management, Project Honolulu was just released and presented at Ignite 2017. Check this link to watch two deep dive presentations about Project Honolulu. All I can say, IT IS AMAZING.

In this post I’m going to show you how to automatically deploy and install Project Honolulu using an internal wildcard certificate to secure the deployment.

If you don’t already have an internal wildcard certificate you can use the following script created by CTA Martin Therkelsen to do so automatically. I have customized it on Line 62 to also write the ThumbPrint to a text file. Check his blog post for more.

With a wildcard certificate at hand you’ll need to import it before running the Project Honolulu installation.

The final part is to automatically download and install Project Honolulu using the wildcard certificate.

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