Getting Started with Citrix Workspace Environment Management


Citrix Workspace Environment Management (WEM) is the new name of the product formally known as Norskale VUEM.

In this post I’m going to show you how to install all the components unattended and lessons learned in MCS & PVS environments.

Citrix Workspace Environment Management


Download Citrix Workspace Environment Management and extract it to the folder Citrix\Workspace Environment Management\4.0

Citrix Workspace Environment Management

Citrix Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services

Citrix Workspace Environment Management Console

Citrix Workspace Environment Management Agent

The product comes with a ADM/ADMX Group Policy Template that you can use to defined the broker server where you have the Infrastructure Service installed.

The problem with this approach are that normally the service itself starts before the GPO is applied. Also for PVS you want to redirect the Cache folder to the WriteCacheDisk. Please change the values under Customization:

Database Configuration

Please consult my post Advanced Proof of Concept – Citrix Lifecycle Management Blueprint to learn how to configure the database or use this post from my CTP fellow Carl Stalhood.



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Friday 30th of September 2022

5 thoughts on “Getting Started with Citrix Workspace Environment Management”

  1. Loadbalancing the AdminBroker is not recommended. I ran into issues when attempting this. Symptoms I experienced was that the “Monitoring” tab would time out.

    I asked support and they confirmed that it’s not recommended:

    Due to authentication issues, it is not recommended that you point the WEM admin console at your load balancer’s VIP. Instead, please point it directly at one of the brokers – if you have multiple WEM admins, the best way to make sure everything works fine is to point all consoles at a single broker.

    • Nils,

      Make sure you create a VIP for Monitoring 8287 otherwise you will have trouble with the “monitoring” tab timing out or flaking out.

      So in all you should have 4 WEM VIPs.
      8286 – Agent
      8285 – Agent Sync
      8284 – Management
      8287 – Monitoring

  2. Hi Eric,

    As of version 4.1 Citrix removed the VuemLocalUserPassword argument from Agent deployment.

    And if you’re using BISF 6, it will set the AgentCacheAlternateLocation to the WriteCache drive.



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