The Complete Guide to Citrix Session Recording


With this week release of Feature Pack 2 for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.6 also comes Citrix Session Recording 7.6.100.

This piece of software was the missing part of my upcoming release of Automation Framework 3.0, so I went on a mission to get it automated.

I immediately stumbled upon this blog post from Citrix Virtualization SE Georg Kuruvilla, and as he says “the installation process was a little tedious“!

Add missing eDoc information to the mix and you get the picture. Let’s get started!

Session Recording Player

Session Recording Agent

Session Recording Administration

#1 Install Windows Features

#2 Download Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014

#3 Install Microsoft SQL Express 2014

#4 Import and Bind SSL Certificate

Get all the details in the post Securing Citrix X1 StoreFront with Powershell.

#5 Install Session Recording Administration

The rest is straight forward. Since the certificate is already installed, you just need to select it.

Citrix Session Recording 02

Citrix Session Recording 03

Set Citrix Session Recording Player permissions.

Citrix Session Recording 04

Set the policy you prefer.

Citrix Session Recording 05

Test it out.

Citrix Session Recording 06

I think the best option is to use the “Do not record” policy and enable recording through Citrix Director when needed. Run this command to configure Director integration.

Citrix Session Recording 07

Citrix Session Recording is super helpful and if you’re licensed you should get it implemented during your next maintenance window.


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Friday 30th of September 2022

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