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When hosting multiple customers on the same Netscaler solution you can use Responder to customize Netscaler Gateway logon page.

In this article I’ll show you how you can remove the Password 2 field which gets there by default if you enable Radius.

Head over to System – Settings – Configure Advanced Features and enable Responder.

Then connect to your Netscaler via WinSCP and make a copy of index.html and login.js which are located in/netscaler/ns_gui/vpn

I’ve called mine *_custom.* in this example. Edit index_custom.html so it points to login_custom.js

Then head into Responder – Action. Add your https://FQDN/index_custom.html

Create a policy and replace with your FQDN.

The final step is to bind this new Responder Policy to your Access Gateway vServer.

So as you can see this is a very easy way for you to customize Netscaler Gateway logon page for various customers and attached a policy to the proper vServers.

I believe this can also be done with REGEX and rewrite rules, but that’s not my field of expertise. Please share below if you know.

The final step is to make sure these customizations stick after reboot.

  • Create a catalog \var\custom
  • Create the file rc.netscaler in /flash/nsconfig with this command line : cp -R /var/custom/* /netscaler/ns_gui/

  • Copy all folders from /netscaler/ns_gui to /var/custom
  • Save and reboot the appliance.

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