Virtual Reality Check Phase III – CUGTech Presentation


I am very excited to announce this video of Ruben Spruijt’s presentation held at Citrix User Group Norway in October. Project Virtual Reality Check (VRC) clocks in around 2000 hours each year researching and testing everything.

The Project leaders, Ruben Spruijt and Jeroen van de Kamp like to call themselves our community’s answer to TopGear. I just like to call them my private research team.

All the big vendors are paying close attention to Project VRC and they’ve now started to use the Login Virtual Session Indexer (VSI) framwork instead of their own tools.

This is the MOST important presentation this year and it’s a must see. The video and audio are available for download. Please enjoy the movie and write a comment below if you would like to see more of this kind of videos.

Downloads :

You can download the video and the audio. Right click and select Save As. I must say it looks awesome on the Apple iPad when you synchronize it with iTunes.

Resources mentioned in the presentation :

Behind the scene :

Ruben agreed to wear a Voice Recorder to record his presentation at CUGTech. The audio quality was good, but I needed to remove noise and mouse clicking. I found a very good Open Source software called AudaCity.

Then I spent 5-6 hours listening to the presentation, taking notes of the time when Ruben changed his slides and then finally used Rehearse Timings in PowerPoint.

The presentation is 45 minutes long, which makes it impossible to host the video on YouTube. I’m currently working on a project on this blog involving Amazon S3 and CloudFront to cache images to get a much faster loading time. That’s the reason why there where some problems with the Download section last week. So I decided to host the video on Amazon S3 and use streaming with the free JWPlayer that supports Flash & HTML5 (currently the movie is not showing up on iPad). Hopefully you’ll all get a very good user experience streaming this video.

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Friday 30th of September 2022

4 thoughts on “Virtual Reality Check Phase III – CUGTech Presentation”

  1. Hello,

    if you need help with your mpeg4 source, please let me know. I’m a great fan of your site and I would like to help you.

    CloudFront, Amazon S3 with HTML5 video is a very good combination. The iPad doesn’t support Flash and the iPad does not support high profile mpeg4 files. If set up some kind of “” with it’s own videos with a 960x/720x … resolution, it would be great 😉 Perhaps Ruben and Jeroen are helping you out with good video source material.

    Kindly Regards,


    • Thanks Frankie, you made my day 🙂

      I have created the video as .MP4 and tested it on iPad on a different site, so there is something wrong with the JW Player code. I will hired someone at to fix it for me.

      Anyway the video should be downloaded and syncronized to the iPad, much better user experience than sitting in front of the computer for 45 minutes 😉


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