How To Fix problem with SAP Gui 710 and Citrix Universal Printer



I have been working on many Citrix / SAP implementation, but never printing via Citrix Universal Printer (CUP). If you use SAPLPD because your environment is not at the necessary patch level to use the recommended control printing the printer name has a limitation of 40 characters.

This becomes a problem with CUP because it creates a printer name like Citrix Universal Printer (from WI_YHQGGnzQQOp_7q5Hu) in session 3. It’s possible to modify default.ica to get the client name instead of the Web Interface generated unique name, but it will still be to long Citrix Universal Printer (from PC001) in session 3. So after some research on the web I stumbled upon a blog post from

Create a CTXRename.vbs in your SAPGUI catalog. The default value “Const PrntNameSize = 8” will create a printer name like Citrix_U_%username%. I have change the value to “Const PrntNameSize = 24” to get a printer name like Citrix_Universal_Printer_%username% which is almost identical to what the users normally sees. To let the users run the scripts the easiest way is to add Domain Users to the local Power Users Group.

For further information on Best Practices for SAPGUI 7.10 on CPS check out CTX116576.


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Friday 30th of September 2022

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