Windows 2008 R2 on XenServer 5


Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Beta are unsupported and experimental on XenServer 5, but to install these OS you need to download the template Windows 7 Beta x64 Experimental Template and import the template through XenCenter.

There is a lot of new features in W2K8R2 and like Citrix, it’s important to change the names…..the new name of Terminal Services will be Remote Desktop Services. The guys at has written a very nice blog about all the new features.

With W2K8R2 you have RD Web Access (Citrix Web Interface) for easy access to RDP and VDI connections.


In Windows 7 you have RemoteApp and Desktop Connections (Citrix PN Agent/XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps). RemoteApp has the same features as Citrix making it possible to publish icons on the Start menu.


With W2K8R2 and Windows 7 Enterprise Edition and Ultimate Edition RDP now have Multimedia Redirection. It have only tested this feature for a couple of hours, but at first glance the performance looks like Citrix. The Microsoft HD Showcase 720p movies played smooth and even music through Spofity worked perfect with crystal clear sound.



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