Should Citrix pay more attention to Citrix Forums ?


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I started watching the Provisioning Server for Datacenters thread at Citrix Support Forums at the end of May. In July there where more than 257 threads posted. I would personally like to thank Jarian Gibson who has 3 times more replies than Citrix. Should it be this way?

Provisioning Services has become very popular in the last months after integrating the PVS license in Citrix Essentials for XenServer. Still, people are having problems with Proof Of Concepts, upgrading from previous versions, performance issues e.g.

The good news today is that it’s now possible to post the thread to Twitter (@CitrixCommunity and @CitrixKCForums). Mike Stringer at Citrix (@Citrixsupport) does a good job at directing the threads to the right person.

Anyway, I believe that Citrix should pay more attention to the Support Forums to get more happy customers and early adopters. What do you think? Please feel free to leave comments.


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10 thoughts on “Should Citrix pay more attention to Citrix Forums ?”

  1. For awhile, Pete Downing from Citrix was hanging around the PVS forums pretty much daily. I haven’t seen post from him in some time. I think they should be encouraged to spend an hour of their work day on the forums in their particular discipline. I know an issue I am having now, might be able to be rectified, if a PVS guru could take a look at the forums.

  2. Yes they should. Citrix is great but when it comes to there support site they need a lot of work.

  3. Hey guys,

    Unfortunately I am stacked with so much that I barely have enough time to do what you ask… spend time daily on the forums! I try to get on at least once a week but having been leaning on our support teams to answer more of these questions. Also… in a way, I was hoping the community picked up the slack too! Apparently my grand scheme did not work! I will make a better attempt to hop on and answer more, but it is just plain hard to keep up!

  4. It’s ashaming how less Citrix pays attention to these forums. I have the feeling they are using these forums to find solutions for their products, but wait untill a customer, – who bought the product!! – has found a solution himself, and then implement that in the next hotfix. But I do not have the feeling there is active initiatives from Citrix side

    • Thanks Gerard, I totally agree with your, they forum is a good place for bug tracing 😉

  5. Well for number of times I post questions and I get answers for them, and yes many of them were answered by Jarian! Thanks again for your help.

    for the other part one day I opened SR and a lady picked up the call and she was clueless then she sent me few links taken from Citrix forums.

    Guess what one of them was mine!

    So yes, they use Google, blogs and Citrix forums to search for solutions.

  6. Forsure, it is really hard to find a solution to problems that we have experienced with Xen. I thinking about alternatives very serious.


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