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Autodesk recently released a high CVE 4/25/2023 for their new Autodesk installer, so I thought it would be a good idea to share how to deploy any Autodesk Products in the Enterprise. I’ve noticed many people are having issues on Twitter and Autodesk doesn’t have any supported documentation on the topic.

Navigate to the Autodesk Management Portal and select Products and ServicesCustom InstallCreate New. Select your license type Autodesk ID / Network. We use Network, because all our devices have line of sight to the license server via VPN. Select Product and Version in case you for some reason doesn’t want the latest version. Be aware that the new Autodesk Installer only goes back to 2022 before that you’ll need to use the old deployment methodology.

We are deploying globally, so we have a license server in each continent. For that reason, we use a DNS alias for the license server and include that in the name of the package. So, if the license server is to be changed, we can easily update the alias, and everything will work as expect.

Finally agree to the license terms and download the installer.

To be able to download the media, extract it and find all the required information for the detection rules(s) we run the installer on a Windows Sandbox VM. The extracted media will be located in C:\Autodesk\{GUI}\image and should be copied to your Media and PKG folder (if you use my Automation script). Below is an example Config.xml file. Make sure to grab the –installer_version from .\odisver.xml.


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