Download and Install Remote PowerShell SDK for Citrix Cloud


The last couple of weeks I’ve been working with Google Cloud Platform and Citrix Cloud creating a new course coming out very soon. That’s why you’ve seen so many posts lately being all about evergreen download and install scripts.

In the new Citrix Workspace it’s possible to Restart the VM which is okay for VDI, but in a RDSH only environment you would want to remove that option. Now in Citrix Cloud there’s now GUI to do this hence the reason for using Remote PowerShell SDK for Citrix Cloud.

First you’ll need to install Remote PowerShell SDK which is done automatically by running my script below.

Then we need to load the modules and authenticate.

This will bring up the Citrix Cloud logon form.

Then just replace DeliveryGroupName in the script below and run it.



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Friday 30th of September 2022

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  1. Why would you want to remove that? It’s a common missunderstnading that Restart means reastarting the actual machine – not true. I think Citrix uses the term Restart because end users understand that they should press on that button if they have issues within the session. What actually happens is just that the session is reset within the RDSH VM.


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