Download and Install Latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Continuous Release


Adobe is well known for it’s security vulnerabilities and it’s therefore very important to included their updates in your Patch Tuesday schedule.

I asked on Twitter what automated tools people where using to patch, and the replies where Choco, PDQ DeployNinitePro and Adobe Updater.

I started out my testing using Adobe Reader DC 2015.007.20033.02 and then patching it with the MSP file provided by Adobe. By accident I stumbled upon this link which contains both the updated installer and the patch file. The release notes can be found here for the Continuous Track.

So as part of my Patch Tuesday routine I find the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Office 365 and Adobe Reader and then simple update my installer scripts with new $URL and $Version.

Updated 13/09/2018

Thanks to my Powershell mentor Bronson Magnan we now have an evergreen automatic download of the latest Adobe Reader version. Community Rocks.

Updated 07/03/2019

During one of my recent Consulting Services we discovered that many applications didn’t install as expected. After some troubleshooting we discovered that “someone” had enabled a logon prompt to get internet access. The work around issue following these instructions.

With that in mind and the case that the Adobe FTP site is VERY UNSTABLE (see comments below) we came up with a backup solution to install latest known version from the local repository in case the internet connection or site is down. The script below have been updated to reflect these changes.

That’s it. If in doubt you can always use the built in Adobe Updater (as Administrator) to check the status.


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26 thoughts on “Download and Install Latest Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Continuous Release”

  1. Again, very nice work! Keep these coming!

    If you’re looking for more suggestions, we apps such as Notepad++, Zoom, Zoom Plugin for Outlook, Slack, and Java.


  2. I use a MST file to transform and add some options to the adobe installer.
    Is there a way to incorporate that into your script?

  3. I’m seeing
    Method invocation failed because [System.Net.NetworkCredential] does not contain a method named ‘New’.
    At line:9 char:1


  4. Awesome script. Looks like adobe hasnt pushed the lastest exe though. Any thoughts on how to get around this? Can the script look for the last version with an exe?

    Thank you!

  5. This is awesome. Great job on the script. I tested this on a new Windows 10 install but it failed to install Adobe Reader DC.

    I’m not a scripting person so this may be a dumb question. Is this only for updating Adobe Reader DC latest version “IF” it is already installed? I am only interested in using a script to download AND INSTALL a newer version. I already having a patching RMM so don’t necessarily need the absolute latest version.

    I like the msp version of the script but that seems to only be for updating an existing installation of Adobe Rdr DC.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. What is the purpose of slipping in a disable of the built-in automatic update at the end of the script? I’m just curious why you would want to disable it. It may not work every time as intended, but even if it works only sometimes, why remove one path to staying updated?

  7. Is this script still supposed to work or is this for an older version of PS. it seems to choke on the &#91 throwing the missing expression error. Is there a newer version of this script?


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