Super Micro IPMI – Problem Solved


The other day my vSphere server didn’t respond anymore so I headed into the Super Micro IPMI Remote Console for more details. Well as you can see below, the Remote Console Preview is way to small for troubleshooting.

Super Micro IPMI 06

To be able to use Console Redirection you need to install Java on your computer, no way…

Prior to this post I did some research and found out that people have tons of problems with Java, Security, Browsers, Amazon Assistent and more.

Let me remove all your miseries, please meet Turbo.

Turbo lets you run virtual containers, which means noting is actually install on your system. The best part is that Turbo always download the latest version, and if it should happen that a particular version of Java no longer works, you can even specify the version. Learn more in the post Getting Started with Turbo.

Simply head over to, download and install the Turbo client.

Open command prompt as an elevated Administrator and run the following command:

Super Micro IPMI 05

Activate Java and off you go.

Super Micro IPMI 01

Boom, there you have the Super Micro IPMI Remote Console.

Super Micro IPMI 03

Please note that I did try with Java Runtime without success, so Java SDK it is.

This is just another fantastic use case for Turbo. As a consultant Turbo is a must have tool for your toolbox. Imagine supporting your customers, just install the client and then run whatever you might need like TeamViewer, Putty, WinSCP, XenCenter etc etc. When the job ends simply uninstall the client.

Even better, if you’re a CTP, MVP or vExport you’ll receive a FREE Turbo Pro license. Just reach out to to one of these twitter handles @turbohq @Rorymon @turbokenji.

PS: Becase my Super Micro IPMI uses DHCP I leverage an awesome $5 iOS app to always find the correct IP-address of my IPMI.

Super Micro IPMI 07


Super Micro IPMI 08


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Friday 30th of September 2022

6 thoughts on “Super Micro IPMI – Problem Solved”

  1. Not sure how to click like on this, but this is definitely useful. I’ll have to dig a little deeper in turbo! You saved me a heck of a lot of time fixing some networking problems with my last supermicro upgrade.

  2. I can’t seem to get this going, all I get is a command prompt window with (jdk-blah) prefixed, no firefox. If I reverse the order of the requires (firefox,jdk) it starts a firefox but I don’t get the jre accessible to it.

    Any hints?

  3. Today 29/04/2022 this article was very useful for my. Updating this i had to force the versions of jdk and firefox and it worked very well.

    I did not might to migrate to html5 due my server´s provider didnt have that option.

    The command used for me:

    turbo run firefox:45.0.1,jdk:8

    Thank you Trond


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