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0800 Welcome

0810 xenapptraining

0825 Julien Stanojevic – Automating Citrix Builds Using Chocolatey & BoxStarter

Julien StanojevicWith more and more workloads being moved to the public cloud, changing the way we deploy infrastructure is more important than ever. Discover the power of bootstrapping and text-based infrastructure configuration. Make every build repeatable and reboot resilient using only BoxStarter and Chocolatey packages. Create your own infrastructure stores in minutes. Deploy the same way on premises, AWS or Azure. Manage software dependencies with ease. Join me for 45 minutes of pure deployment disruption.

0910 Break & Virtual Booth

0930 Devolutions

0945 Bas van Kaam – Houdini’s Guide To Citrix Printing

Bas Van KamWhile Citrix Printing can be troublesome and complicated at times, perhaps mysterious even, it doesn’t have to be. Knowing about the printing pathways, how traffic flows throughout, default CTX print settings and what to re-configure etc. help in overcoming and preventing some of today’s most common print issues. The overall printing architecture, print jobs, spoolers, drivers etc. a bit of history, I’ll try and cram it all in there and hopefully show you that most of it isn’t ‘magic’ but just common sense.

1030 Break

1045 Nutanix

1100 Paul Stansel – Turn Your XenApp and XenDesktop Into Capacity On Demand With PVS Automation.

Paul StanselGet off the ground and begin automating your Citrix XenApp and Citrix XenDesktop deployments. This session will provide real code examples and tips for managing a large environment using the power of Citrix Provisioning Services PowerShell. With multiple gold disks, dozens of applications sets and different user silos with unique needs, PVS is not simply a “spin it up and forget it” kind of thing. This session will talk through common automation task – including deployment of new golden images and treating capacity as on-demand using the complex and powerful Provisioning Services Powershell in combination with SCORCH and C#.

1145 Lunch

1215 eG Innovations

1230 Adam Bertram – The Power Of PowerShell

Adam Bertram

Have you ever needed to get software installed on many machines at once? Even using software like Microsoft’s SCCM, Altris, Landesk et al you still must package them up, get them to install silently and do some kind of configuration afterwards. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had PowerShell module that eased this pain? There is! In this session, I will be going over a PowerShell module with dozens of functions to help you get Windows Installer, InstallShield and other installers installed, uninstalled and configured on 1, 10 or 10,000 machines!

1315 Break

1330 Sponsor 4

1345 Mike Nelson – Containers Everywhere! Azure & Hyper-V Container Scenarios & Solutions

Mike NelsonIn this session, we will cover the impacts and aspects of using container technologies in Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V. Containers are a technology that is revolutionizing the way we think about design, development, and administration of applications. Containers transform the ability to develop and distribute applications at a rapid speed and pace. and implementing containers in Azure and Hyper-V makes them even more efficient, secure, and scaleable. Join us in interesting discussion and demonstrations around the hows and whys of containers in Azure and Hyper-V.

1430 Break

1445 FSLogix

1500 Rory Monaghan – Application Management – New Kids On The Block

Rory MonaghanIn this session I will speak about containerization, in particular, I will speak about Windows containers using Spoon. I will also speak about Application Layering with Demos of each of these included. I also plan to discuss some other tools that I have used in recent years for managing applications in an Enterprise environment. My goal for this session is to hopefully introduce attendees to some new ways of delivering applications and conquering some of the unique challenges encountered in the Server and Desktop application space.

1545 Break

1600 ControlUp

1615 Marius Sandbu – Deep-Dive Enterprise Mobility Suite

Marius Sandbu

Ever figured out what Enterprise Mobility Suite actually is? Or what it can do? Well now you can! In this session I will talk (and show!) EMS from Microsoft, I’ll cover Intune and how it integrates with ConfigMgr and more into the MAM capabilities, RMS and its integration with various products and what on the horizon, Azure AD and why this is the future of identity management, and the latest addition Advanced Threat Analytics and how this might just save you some headaches from hackers.

1700 Break

1715 Sponsor 7

1730 Michael Glover – 10 Top Tips for the Serious FMA Admin

Mick GloverJoin Mick Glover a.k.a. @XDtipster as he takes a look at FMA through the veil of the PoSH SDK and explains how a good understanding and ability to navigate the underbelly of FMA can help expose some very interesting and liberating functionality that all serious FMA admins should be aware of, 10 of which Mick will highlight and discuss during the session.

1815 Break

1830 Sponsor 8

1845 Jim Moyle & Kees Baggerman – WTF is Hyper-Converged and Why Should I Care?

Jim Moyle

Kess Baggerman

Kees and Jim will attempt to answer the question on everyones lips, Kees works for Nutanix and Jim for Atlantis. While (hopefully) they won’t be at each others throats for the session, they’ll explain exactly what is, and isn’t, considered a hyper-converged infrastructure and why so many people are moving to this new wave of doing things. In this vendor agnostic session, we’ll show some of the ways customers have found to put Hyper-converged to work.

1930 – Closing

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