Getting Started With Citrix AppDNA


Citrix AppDisk is out in Technical Preview and one of the killer features are the integration with Citrix AppDNA.

I’ve been working with the Citrix AppDisk since late June after I had an interview with David Wagner, the product manager of both AppDisk and AppDNA.

I’ve also helped FSlogix with their setup and the development of the whitepaper FSLogix Apps for Citrix AppDisk Reference Architecture.

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So before you get started with AppDisk you would want to get AppDNA up and running. The latest version 7.6.5 now also provides support for Windows 10.

As always the process has been automated and integrated into my Automation Framework. Here’s how you get it all installed automatically.

The small PoC below is using SQL Express 2014 on a VM with 2 vCPU and 8GB of memory. For a production environement you would go with a SQL Server.

Download SQL Express 2014

Install SQL Express 2014

Install Required Roles and Features

Install Citrix AppDNA

Configure Citrix AppDNA

After the installation is complete you should add the required firewall ports or just disable the firewall.

Start AppDNA to configure the database.

Getting Started with Citrix AppDNA 01 Getting Started with Citrix AppDNA 02 Getting Started with Citrix AppDNA 03 Getting Started with Citrix AppDNA 04 Getting Started with Citrix AppDNA 05

The configuration takes some time depending on the resources you allocated to your VM. My configuration was done in 32 minutes.

Start AppDNA and login in with Administrator / apps3cur3 and follow the wizard.

Select Administration – Users – Import from AD – AD Linked Users.

Getting Started with Citrix AppDNA 06

Integrate Citrix AppDNA with AppDisk

Configure your site with the AppDNA Database information.

Getting Started with Citrix AppDNA 07

Now you’re ready to import any Operation System to AppDNA. Make sure to use a colon between the SQL Server instance and database name.

Getting Started with Citrix AppDNA 08

If you want to learn more check the video Citrix AppDNA 121: Importing Applications and OSs.

Citrix AppDNA Express

I would also like to let you know that there now exists a new beta service called AppDNA Express. At the moment this only supports MSI, but as you can see there’s already a section for Setup.exe so l’m looking forward to this new feature.

Getting Started with Citrix AppDNA 09

Simply upload the MSI and wait for the report to be finished.

Getting Started with Citrix AppDNA 10



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