Citrix Lifecycle Management Deep Dive


In my last post Ultimate Guide to Citrix Lifecycle Management I covered the basics of custom scripts and blueprints to get you started.

Now let’s dive a little bit deeper with some great examples on monitoring. There’s already a LoginVSI blueprint, but let’s add Splunk, uberAgent and ControlUp to the mix.

Since Splunk doesn’t have a direct download URL I’m hosting the media in my Amazon S3 bucket. The script below can be customized to connect to a private FTP server instead. Change $URL on line 13 to point to your media repository.

Install Splunk Enterprise

Since the ControlUp and uberAgent download is in a ZIP format you’ll need to install 7Zip prior so it can be extracted by the script.

Install 7Zip (x64)

Install ControlUp

Install uberAgent

Next step is to add these scripts to your custom blueprint and deploy.

Splunk and ControlUp goes to your Delivery Controller and uberAgent to your VDA’s.

Citrix Lifecycle Management with uberAgent and Splunk 01

It’s really amazing launching the deployment from the cloud and watching VM’s pop up automatically in your private or public cloud.

When the blueprint deployment is running, you can even see the verbose results in the Step Output.

Final step is to configure Splunk and uberAgent. The last one now has it’s own Group Policy so that’s peace of cake. Check this KB for more details Configuration Through Group Policy.

Citrix Lifecycle Management with uberAgent and Splunk 02

A feature of Citrix Lifecycle Management that many might have missed is the alerts and monitoring section which are really smooth.

Citrix Lifecycle Management with uberAgent and Splunk 04

Hope this post gave you some more insight and ideas to create your own scripts and blueprints.

A final tip is to create a email filter for the Citrix Lifecycle Management notifications and use the Tear Down feature of the Blueprint to delete and cleanup.

Citrix Lifecycle Management with uberAgent and Splunk 05


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