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This is a sponsored review of the new PHD Virtual Backup 6 for XenServer. I’m a big fan of PHD and are using it personally to backup all my Virtual Machines that are part of With over 55 video modules there’s a lot of VM’s on my XenServer. Needless to say, a disk failure without a proper backup solution would send me back to the stone ages!

If you’re new to PHD Virtual Backup you can check out this video taken from our xenapptraining members area showing you how to import the Virtual Appliance to XenServer and do some basic configuration.

PHD Virtual Backup 6 – New feature :

  • Full/Incremental backup mode.
  • File Recovery usability enhancements.
  • Report enhancements.
  • Verify email configuration settings.
  • Application Aware Backup for Microsoft Exchange.
  • PHD Instant Recovery (VMware only).

Full / Incremental backup mode :

Prior to PHD Virtual Backup 6 there only existed one backup mode called Virtual Full backing up to attached disk storage. This is still the preferred method, but some environments will perform better with this new option.

Full / Incremental backup are recommended for backing up to network storage, target-side deduplication devices, tape, and other offsite storage destinations.

File Recovery :

File recovery of individual files has been tricky for some users because of the iSCSI connector. Within this latest version of PHD Virtual Backup 6 the user can select iSCSI or have the backup mounted and presented out as a CIFS share instead.

Report enhancements :

The backup report has been improved with an easy to view HTML email format with all job summary information as well as detailed status of each VM and virtual disk.

The email configuration tab inside the PHD Virtual Backup 6 Console now contains a test email button. This allows users to ensure the information they’ve entered into their email configuration is accurate and all necessary ports are open and functioning. This was a pain before, but now made it easier to configure my Gmail account for reporting.

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Friday 30th of September 2022

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