VirtuAll User Environment Manager (VUEM)


VirtuAll User Environment Manager (VUEM) was finally released in the beginning of this month. I’ve covered VUEM before in this post Virtual User Environment Manager – A Sneak Peak and this Interview with Pierre Marmignon – CitrixTools.Net. This tool is a fantastic present to the Community and will let you eliminate your login scripts once and for all!

To test VUEM in a isolated environment I spun up some servers in RackSpace Cloud (Getting started with Rackspace). The installation and configuration are straight forward and Pierre have also created a Quick Start Guide. This tools is an perfect addon to Citrix User Profile Manager and does some awesome stuff that’s hard to do with Microsoft Group Policy Preferences (GPP). E.g. dynamically adding icons to Quick Launch, Pin to TaskBar and Start Menu as you can see in the image below.

The most exciting features for me are the Fast Logoff that immediately disconnect the user session and log off properly in the background. This will greatly improve End User Experience.

Also the CPU & Memory Management which was not part of the first beta release that I tested. Currently we have a customer which are having problems with wfshell.exe with very high CPU caused by ICA in ICA session. I’m certain that VEUM will solve this and many other problems.

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What’s Next…
I’ll be testing VUEM in Production and teaching my students inside of the Private Members Area on how to configure and integrated this tool with the rest of our Best Practices. Stay tuned.


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