XenDesktop Tuning Group Policy for Windows 7 x64


I have posted a new Tuning Policy for XenDesktop x64 available in the Download section of this blog. Most of the registry keys have been imported from the previous XenDesktop Tuning Tips Group Policy v1.0.

This new policy have been updated to support x64 and some new settings have been added based on a recent blog post by Citrix’s Lead Architect Daniel Feller. Check out the post here : Windows 7 Registry Optimizations for Virtual Desktops.

Many registry settings are automatically set when you run the Citrix Optimizer Tool. I cannot stress this enough, always remember to run this tool whenever you update your vDisk images. To make it easier for the people maintaining and supporting my Provisioning Services Solutions I’ve created a nice script that takes care of all this. Check out these two previous articles that do apply to XenDesktop environments as well : Prepare a Provisioning Services Private vDisk for Shared vDisk and Citrix Provisioning Services for Citrix XenApp Best Practice.

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Note :

Please note that these policy’s are provided “as is” and that using these is at your own risk. Please feel free to leave comments below regarding bugs & suggested improvements in future releases.


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Friday 30th of September 2022

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