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Ever time I need to set up a new Citrix environment I have a set of Core Applications and helper tools that I always install. These are MSI and EXE based applications leveraging the ScriptFrameWork. I have written numerous blog posts about how to install these different applications unattended.

While working on my upcoming free eBook “Citrix XenApp 5.0 on Windows 2008 – A Hands-On Guide” I got the idea of creating a download including all of these Core Applications with How To instructions. This will save us time since we no longer have to search the blog and web for the different blog posts. The nice thing with the ScriptFrameWork are that they work perfectly on Windows XP/Vista/7 machines as well.

These applications and helper tools are prescripted in Core Applications available under the Downloads section of this blog :

  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe ShockWave Player
  • CutePDF Writer
  • FoxIt Reader
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Microsoft SilverLight
  • Microsoft UPHClean
  • Sun Java
  • Citrix Printing Tool
  • FTP995
  • Putty
  • XenApp Cloning Tool
  • XenApp Policis Export Manager

While writing this list I came up with 3 more for the next release, 7Zip, NotePad++ and AutoView something 2D/3D Viewer. If you have any other free applications probably tested for Terminal Servers please submit a comment below.

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Friday 30th of September 2022

3 thoughts on “Save Time – Download prescripted Core Applications”

  1. Hi Trond

    Just downloaded your (Joe’s?) core apps Script Framework and it only contained “install.cmd” for the FoxIt Reader. Is this by design? ie. a taster, or should there be more?

    PS Just downloaded your XA5W2k8 eBook, looks excellent with all those screenshots, thanks

    • Hi Russell

      You will find a ReadMe file in the Source catalog folder with link to the download location



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