XenDesktop Tuning Tips Group Policy v1.0


All credits go to Pierre Marmignon for his excellent post listing up all the XenDesktop Tuning Tips and Helge Klein for Additional Windows Explorer Tuning. I have created a Group Policy based on these tips. The following is included in the policy :

  • Operations System Tuning for XenDesktop
  • Additional Windows Explorer Tuning
  • XenDesktop Tuning

I am using the GPMC for Windows 2008 so you will need to download Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions for Windows XP / Windows Vista x32/x64. Please note that Windows XP SP2 requires XMLLite as well, please take a look at this blog if you have problems applying the Group Policy’s.

Some people like to create ADM / ADMX Group Policy files which make them easier to import, but all the values have to be manually configured. With exported Policy’s you simply import them and then you are ready to go.

Follow the picture guide from my previous post for import instructions : Terminal Server & XenApp Tuning Tips Group Policy v1.1.

The XenDesktop Tuning Tips Group Policy can be Download here.

Note :

Please note that these Group Poliy’s are provided “as is” and that using these is at your own risk. Please feel free to leave comments below regarding bugs & suggested improvements in future releases.


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Friday 30th of September 2022

6 thoughts on “XenDesktop Tuning Tips Group Policy v1.0”

  1. Thanks for this great tool. I notice that in RSoP results of these CSE are not displayed, whether or not you are using 2003 or 2008. Is there an easy way to verify that the clients are successfully processing these settings? Thanks.

    • Hi Peter,

      You can check this in the registry of the actual XenDesktop machine.

  2. I did – some of the settings were there, some not. Since many of your optimizations were done on my image previously manually, I am not exactly sure if the template was having any affect. This is why I was trying to leverage RSoP, which doesn’t appears to display CSE settings, unless I am mistaken. I am using XP SP3, so I shouldn’t need CSE or XMLLite on my vDisk for these settings to be pushed down, correct? Thank you!

    • Hi again,

      You do need Client Side Extension (CSE) on Windows XP SP3, but you don’t need XMLLite. Right now my lab is down so I’m not able to check the RSoP. Also make sure you are using the XD4 x32 Tuning and not the new XD4 x64.


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