Virtual Router / Firewall / VPN for XenServer & VMware


I have to admit that networking is not my strongest side, I relay on the network folks for FW rules, NAT and so on. The reason why I have installed and configured the Vyatta Virtual Router is that I need to have more control and make my own configurations.

My XenServer lab is located on our Corporate network, but all my VM’s are located on a private network. To be able to test HDX MediaStream for Flash I need Internet as well as access to XenDesktop from our corporate network.

I started of downloading & importing the Vyatta Virtual Appliance for XenServer. Then I had a look at this Getting Started with Vyatta Video.

[youtube ru6xwEg5Tlw]

My private network are and my corporate network are It was no problem getting NAT working, but the Port forwarding was a bit harder, until I came across this excellent blog post.

So now I have internet access inside my private network and a Citrix Secure Gateway as my access point to my Citrix Demo Lab. My current Vyatta Configuration (not included what you learn in the Getting Started video ) :


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Friday 30th of September 2022

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