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Have you ever wonder what the function of Personality.ini file located in the System Drive of your vDisk? According to the Citrix Provisioning Services Guide 5.1 the Target Device Personality feature allows you to define data for specific target devices and make it available to the target device at boot time. This data can then be used by your custom applications and scripts for a variety of purposes.

A typical Personality.ini file would look like this in Provisioning Server 5.1 :

$DiskName=XenApp 5 – Golden Image (Rev 5)

The $WriteCahceType support values :

0 = Private image

1-7 = Standard Image:

  • 1 (Server Disk)
  • 2 (Server Disk Encrypted)
  • 3 (RAM)
  • 4 (Hard Disk)
  • 5 (Hard Disk Encrypted)
  • 6 (RAM Disk)
  • 7 (Difference Disk)

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