HDX MediaStream for Flash – User Experience Demo Video


[youtube wEiYNWVeD98]

I tried to capture a video with today in my lab, but the GoView didn’t work through Proxy. As you now Twitter is a powerful tools, and I quickly got 4 responses on Screen Capture software, thanks to timarenz, nboevink, michael_keen & virtualprouk. I tried the uTIPu but this program did not support audio and when I started a Flash Video with HDX MediaStream enabled the captured video did not have the same result I saw on my screen.

I could probably tweak around in the program with frames pr second and stuff like that, but I found a demo video on YouTube. Though this video is from Citrix, my final message is that this really works.


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Friday 30th of September 2022

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  1. I used FRAPS to capture this video. What’s cool about FRAPS is that it shows the FPS on the video. But FRAPS is not free and produces huge files. Lately, I’ve beeen using Windows Media Encoder. It is free and while its main use case is video transcoding, you can use the screen as a video source and produce hi-def wmv files.



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