Unattended : CutePDF Writer for Terminal Server


Going through the StatPress logs I discovered that a lot you are having problems with Acrobat Reader 9 on Terminal Server and are really fed up with Adobe Support. So I decided to make a script for installing the free CutePDF Writer and FoxIt Reader.

First of all you have to download GPL Ghostscript 8.15 and extract it with WinZip to your Source catalog and then CutePDF Writer 2.71

Here is an example of an unattended script :

[sourcecode language=”plain”]

@echo off
REM Install CutePDF Writer 2.71
REM ScriptFrameWork by Joe Shonk – www.theshonkproject.com
REM Customized by Trond Eirik Haavarstein – www.xenappblog.com

pushd %~dp0
cd ..

set AppSourcePath=Source
set AppConfigPath=Configuration
set AppInstallPath=Scripts
set AppHotfixesPath=Hotfixes

set Switches=/verysilent

echo Installing CutePDF Writer 2.71

cd %AppSourcePath%
start /wait setup.exe /silent
start /wait CuteWriter.exe %Switches%



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