Essentials for XenServer 5.5 Features



The Citrix XenServer 5.5 has just be released and can be downloaded here. The download site offers :

  • XenServer 5.5 Disc1 & Disc2 – ISO
  • StorageLink Gateway and Manager – ISO
  • Workload Balancing – ISO
  • XenCenter Installer – MSI

New features in XenServer 5.5.0

  • Improved backup and snapshot support allows you to perform live snapshot and clone operations on all storage¬† types.
  • Active Directory integration to allow credentials to be verified against an AD server.
  • Workload Balancing to optimize VM placement and assist with balancing of workloads within a pool.
  • Integration with StorageLink services via the xe CLI enabling advanced storage management capabilities.
  • Improved operating system support including new support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3, Novell SLES 11, and Debian Lenny.
  • XenCenter improvements including Folder View, allowing you to view your resources as a simple list or organize them.

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