Citrix Provisioning Services for Citrix XenApp Best Practice



Many of the Best Practices modification are included in Provisioning Services Optimization Tool. One of these settings are disabling the Automatic Updates Service. To run Windows Update on your vDisk you will need to set the service startup to Automatically, start the service and run Windows Update. One of my recently added Must Have tools are WUinstall which automatically download and install Windows Updates from Microsoft or your internal Windows Updates Services with one command. I have added this to my build script, take a look at my previous blog post “Prepare a Provisioning Services Private vDisk for Shared vDisk“.


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Friday 30th of September 2022

2 thoughts on “Citrix Provisioning Services for Citrix XenApp Best Practice”

  1. Hi!
    is it possible to enable wsus only in private vDisk mode, when we are modify “golden image” and disable if servers start in standart vDisk mode?

    • Yes. If you run the script it will enable the Service needed to download updates from MS Update or your internal WSUS. In the end of the script the PVS Target Optimizer starts and this disables the Windows Update Service.

      I use this script at all my customers every time I switch from Private to Standard vDisk.



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