#virtual Automation Framework Master Class

This 3 day virtual Master Class will take you from Beginner to Automation Deployment Expert. The class is for anyone tired of repetitive tasks and organizations wanting to get started with #winops to eliminate manual image management (monthly patching) and system downtime caused by human errors.


I believe that automation is not only possible, but a necessary direction for IT departments. If your teams are not already automating repeatable tasks then they should be looking at how they can get started. The Automation Framework Master Class is a great way to experience the power of automation. This class is not just about automation though. It’s also a hands on boot camp for many Citrix technologies and 3rd party tools sys admins use with Citrix products. You need to strongly consider sending your sys admins to this class. – Steve Elgan, IT Director at OneWorld Community Health Centers


After traveling the world teaching my Master Class in 2017/2018 I’ve decided to convert it to a virtual only for a broader reach. This 3 day hands-on lab (with instructor) provides each student with a SuperMicro E200-8D with 1TB NVMe, 64GB, 2x1GbE, 2x10GbE and IPMI running on VMware ESXi with vCenter. Included in the price is a 2 week rental of the hardware.

The labs starts out from scratch using IPMI for Remote Console to automatically deploy the Hypervisor via PXE boot and from there automatically building a complete HA infrastructure environment using the Automation Framework.

Extensive focus on how to use the Image Factory to automatically build Master Images for Citrix MCS/PVS and VMware Horizon on s schedule. No matter how many Master Images exists in your environment, the Image Factory have you covered.

The virtual Master Class is $2000 and is schedule to start in January 2019. Make sure to reserve you’re spot HERE, there’s only 4 slots per class.