Automation Framework Master Class

This 3 day Master Class will take you from an Automation Beginner to a Deployment Expert. The class is for everyone that are tired of repetitive tasks and organizations that cannot afford system downtime caused by human errors.

I believe that automation is not only possible, but a necessary direction for IT departments. If your teams are not already automating repeatable tasks then they should be looking at how they can get started. The Automation Framework Master Class is a great way to experience the power of automation. This class is not just about automation though. It’s also a hands on boot camp for many Citrix technologies and 3rd party tools sys admins use with Citrix products. You need to strongly consider sending your sys admins to this class. – Steve Elgan, IT Director at OneWorld Community Health Centers

By leveraging the free Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and the Automation Framework you’ll learn how to rapidly build new environments, update reference and master images completely automated on a schedule.

The era of missing software media, documentation and key personal (that might have quit) no longer apply when a organization rely 100% on Automated Deployments.

Testing or moving to a newer version of the Operating System or software like Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop / VMware View / RDSH has never been easier. You can even create three identical Proof of Concepts for vendor evaluation by using the Automation Framework.


What the course includes

One year & membership with unlimited support and regular Automation Framework updates. Also includes one year Unlimited NFR license from our sponsors ControlUp, uberAgent, FSLogix, Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager and App-V Scheduler + a IGEL UD Pocket Thin Client.


What the course doesn’t include

We’re running the Automation Framework Master Classes on Airport hotels in your prefered city. The hotel fee is not included in the total price since many students will commute between home and hotel. However plenty of coffee, fruits and lunch is covered by us.


Intensive Hands On Labs

Practice makes perfect! The most effective way to learn is through hands-on, experiential learning. In fact “learning by doing” is 15x more effective than listening to a lecture and 7.5x more effective than reading.

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The Master Class have a 20/80 combination of Lecture and Hands On to build and customize a rock solid deployment solutions using the free Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and the Automation Framework.

// Exercise 01: VyOS Router Configuration

// Exercise 02: Automatically Deploy and Configure Active Directory

// Exercise 03: Automatically Deploy Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

// Exercise 04: Automatically Deploy Domain Wildcard Certificate

// Exercise 05: Automation Framework Installation

// Exercise 06: Building Reference Images

// Exercise 07: Proof of Concept Automation

// Exercise 08: Automate MCS Master Image Builds

// Exercise 09: Proof of Concept Configuration

// Exercise 10: Automate PVS Master Image Builds

// Exercise 11: Configure PVS Accelerator for Citrix XenServer

// Exercise 12: Automatically Deploy Nano Server with Hyper-V

// Exercise 13: Create Machine Catalog and Delivery Group for MCS

// Exercise 14: Create Machine Catalog and Delivery Group for MCS

// Exercise 15: Performance Management and Monitoring

// Exercise 16: Group Policy Starter Pack & CWEM (Norkskale)

// Exercise 17: Citrix & Microsoft Application Virtualization

// Exercise 18: Beat Ransomware with CWEM (Norskale)

// Exercise 19: Install Citrix App Layering and Creating OS Layers

// Exercise 20: Creating Platform Layers

// Exercise 21: Creating App Layers

// Exercise 22: Creating Image Templates

// Exercise 23: Creating Elastic Layers

// Exercise 24: Installing Citrix XenServer Automatically Through PXE

// Exercise 25: Installing VMware ESXi Automatically Through PXE


Conecto – Cope

Time: Starts at 08:00 and ends at 16:00 each Day

Date: Wednesday 28/02/2018 – Friday 02/03/2018

Price: $3000 and Wire transfer


Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Orlando Airport

Time: Starts at 08:00 and ends at 16:00 each Day

Date: Wednesday 14/03/2018 – Friday 16/03/2018

Price: $3000 and Wire transfer


PDS Culemborgnhagen

Time: Starts at 08:00 and ends at 16:00 each Day

Date: Wednesday 27/06/2018 – Friday 29/06/2018

Price: $3000 and Wire transfer