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LONDON 12:00 BST // NEW YORK 07:00 EDT


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0800 Welcome

0810 60 Minute Automation Master Class Recipes

This session will be packed with live demos. I’m going to show you some of the awesome recipes I use in my Automation Framework Master Class. You’re going to see with your own eyes how you can build a complete Production Environment with Active Directory, SQL Server, Citrix Delivery Controller and Provisioning Server with a working optimized vDisk. All this independent of the underlying Hypervisor running on a $750 Intel NUC.

I’ll also cover how to choose the perfect hardware for your lab, automated Hypervisor installation through PXE, Image Factory, Automated StoreFront // ADFS // Federated Authentication Service and even Netscaler Gateway. All without lifting a finger…

0915 ControlUp – TBA

0930 Jarian Gibson and Patrick Coble – Desktop Virtualization Lockdown: Securing Your Deployment

Citrix has been in the Application and Desktop Virtualization Game for over 26 years, and it has been primarily deployed for Centralization and Security reasons. In this session, you will learn how to secure your Citrix deployment against intellectual property theft, how to survive a penetration test along with some of the most common attacks. The amount of attacks continues to rise, and the amount of data that has been released\leaked from so many companies is staggering. Just like most things, many of these breaches could have been prevented by having basic security policies in place and some basic patching in many cases. We will show you all the free things you can do to lock down your deployment and what products people use to go to the next level in security. Citrix has one of the most comprehensive and secure deployment options compared to any other solution out there, but many partners\clients never take the simple steps to lock it down because of the extra time it takes. Come and listen to learn how to implement true security for your deployment, not just the cookie-cutter, typical vendor solution.

1015 Break

1030 FSLogix – TBA

1045 Christiaan Brinkhoff – Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud: A Digital Workspace Match Made in Heaven…

One of the great Cloud innovations throughout last year, as result of the increased partnership between Microsoft and Citrix – is definitely the release of XenApp and XenDesktop in the Microsoft Azure (Public) Cloud – named XenApp and XenDesktop Essentials. During the session – I’ll walk you through all the Citrix on Azure architectural concepts, best practices, lessons learned and will answering all the most common questions you’ll need to know before you start implementing Citrix inside Microsoft Azure. There is also room for a short demo and Q&A at the end of this presentation. It’s really easy! Please preserve you’re seat now!

1130 Lunch

1200 Turbo.Net – TBA

1215 Andrew Morgan – Horizon on Azure Overview

1300 Break

1315 Dan Challinor – A Year of Field Experience with Citrix Workspace Environment Management

1400 Break 

1415 Mike Nelson – Having A Look at Redstone 3

Microsoft has Windows Server 2016 next major release, with the already very familiar codename of “Redstone 3”, and it is finally upon us. It is a another milestone in the latest revision of the Windows kernel, security, and feature updates for it’s sever operating system. Let’s take a look at some of what is included and what new features there are to try out. We will also take some time for discussion around the new release cycles and how it affects you and your infrastructure.

1500 Break

1515 Dave Kawula – Notes from the field on Windows Server 2016 – Storage Spaces Direct

This session looks at the field notes from production deployments of Storage Spaces Direct over the past six months. Various scenarios are covered from two-node SMB to enterprise configurations and everything in between. We look at some lessons learned for hardware configurations, firmware updates, and core network configurations.   This session is action packed and you should definitely come ready to learn—delivered by Hyper Converged expert MVP Dave Kawula who has deployed Storage Spaces Direct all over the world.

1600 Break

1615 Shane Kleinert and Rick Dehlinger – Multi-Site Scenarios with Citrix and Nutanix


1700 The End

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