AE007: The Perfect Portable Home & User Group Lab Rack


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Today’s question comes from Terry about choosing the right hardware for his home lab. The question is answered by fellow CTP Cláudio Rodrigues explaining the portable lab rack he created for the Canadian Citrix User Group.

Another Pro of Mac Mini vs Intel NUC is the fact that the Mini support 2 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters.

Why SSD? Because it’s lightning fast, with the internal SATA (or SATA in Synology) you’ll get bored to death.

According to Andrew Morgan the 1Gbps connection will get limited by SATA performance, but with SSD you get a full 1Gbps throughput from the Synology.

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2 thoughts on “AE007: The Perfect Portable Home & User Group Lab Rack”

  1. The Linktropy is way to expensive for most “home” labs. Use a software WAN emulator instead. After all, it’s a lab.
    Software costs should be considered as well.


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