ControlUp Enterprise IT Management Console

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ControlUp has in the last month become my favorite free monitoring application. The tool is extremely powerful and I’m constantly adding it to all my customers. There’s simply so many cool features to cover that you’re better of trying it out yourself, seeing is believing.

My most commonly used ControlUp features are :

  • Refresh Machine Group Policy
  • Check memory and CPU utilization
  • Check all event logs
  • Number of application process running on all Citrix servers

Resource :

  • ControlUp – Free Enterprise Monitoring Tool

What’s your favorite Monitoring solution for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop? If you’re already using ControlUp, whats your best feature and what could be improved? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

6 Responses to ControlUp Enterprise IT Management Console

  1. sounds interesting, but when I read the privacy policy … I don’t like the idea that so much information is sent to CONTROL UP Servers. no thank you.

    • Hi Susanne,

      Please note that ControlUp doesn’t send any private information (such as computer or user names) to the ControlUp servers. You can also choose to work in offline mode, thus avoid sending any information to our servers.

      Trond – thanks for the great feedback!


      Yoni Avital

  2. Hey Trond – thanks for the interesting finding!

    Hey Yoni,
    can you tell us what information is send to you and how i would work in offline mode?
    The product look very promissing – but i need to know which information is shared to you before i could roll it out.
    Maybee introduce a paid – non ‘home calling’ version?


    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry for the late response.
      You can read exactly which information is being sent in here –

      Regarding offline mode, it’s quite simple, just create an offline request file from within ControlUp and send it to us ( Once you get the offline login file you can run ControlUp without requiring an Internet connection.

      We are planning to release a paid Enterprise version in Q3 2012 that will include some cool new major features.


      Yoni Avital

  3. This application looks great, but the site is down. Do you have any mirror site where I can download the app from?


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